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Units in comments

Alternatively to native units, you can enter all values to be unitless and then put the units in the comments. In this case, you will have to include all unit conversion factors in the equations. Also, there is an option to generate a selection box for length units - m, cm and mm. You only need to insert %u in comments wherever you want the units to appear. When the program generates the input form (see further) it checks whether %u exists somewhere in the code. If so, it automatically adds a unit selection combo box, at the top-right corner. When you change the units from the combo, they will be filled in all occurrences of %u in the code. You can try it bellow:

Code Output
"Units in comments
'Length -'l = ?'%u
'Area -'l = ? %u<sup>2</sup>
'Volume -'l = ?'%u<sup>3</sup>
'Scale factor -'Units
Units in comments       
Length - l = m
Area - l = m2
Volume - V = m3
Scale factor - Units


When you run the calculations, the "Units" combo will disappear from the output. Only the units will remain as filled. The program will also create a variable Units, which will contain the conversion factor from the selected units to meters. Its value is 1, 100 and 1000 for m, mm and cm, respectively. You can use it for units conversion inside the calculations. For example, you can create a conditional block for displaying the selected units in the report:

#if Units ≡ 1
      'The selected units are meters
#else if Units ≡ 100
      'The selected units are centimeters
#else if Units ≡ 1000
      'The selected units are millimeters
#end if