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Before inserting an image into Calcpad document, you need to have it already as a file. You can create it by some image editing software and save it to a *.png, *.gif or *.jpg file. You can use some freeware programs like Paint, Gimp, InkScape, DraftSight or others. Then you can insert it using Html. All you need to do is to put the following text at the required place, inside a comment:

'<img style="float:right" src="c:/Users/Me/Pictures/Picture1.png" alt="Picture1.png">'

Of course, instead of "c:/Users/Me/Pictures/Picture1.png" you must specify the actual path to your image. The file can be local, network or it can be on the Internet. The text style="float:right;" aligns the image to the right allowing the text to float at left. Otherwise, the image will become part of the text flow and will make it split. Sometimes, you may have a larger image, without much room for the text around it. In such cases, you can skip the style="float:right" text.

You can also insert an image using the Image button from the toolbar. You will be prompted to select a file. When you click "Open", the required record will be inserted at the beginning of the code. When you run the calculations, the picture will appear in the output window.