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Output control

You can easily specify which parts of the code should be visible or hidden in the output. Unlike conditional execution, the hidden code is always calculated. It is just not displayed. The following keywords can be used for that purpose:

  • #Hide - hides the contents after the current line;
  • #Pre - shows the contents in "input" mode only (see "Input forms" bellow);
  • #Post - shows the contents in "output" mode and hides it in "input" mode;
  • #Show - always shows the contents (revoke all other keywords);

Each of the above keywords affects the content after the current line and overrides the previous one. You can use them to hide long and repetitive calculations that should not be visible. You can use the #Pre command to add some directions about filling the input data and #Post to hide the calculation algorithm during data input.

You can also modify the display of the equations as follows:

  • #Val - shows only the final result as a single value;
  • #Equ - shows both the equation and the calculated result (default);
  • #Noc - shows only the equation, without results (no calculations).

Each of the above keywords overrides the other. You can use #Val to create a table with values, but without the formulas, like in Excel.