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Greek letters

You can insert Greek letters by clicking the respective symbol bellow the code editor. Alternatively, type the Latin equivalent from the table below and press "Ctrl+G". If you press it again, you will convert the letter back from Greek to Latin. Since "j"/"J" and "V" remain unused, they are mapped to "ø"/"Ø" and "∡", respectively.

Name greeklatinGreekLatin
alpha αaΑA
beta βbΒB
gamma γgΓG
delta δdΔD
epsilon εeΕE
zeta ζzΖZ
eta ηhΗH
theta θqΘQ
theta-alt ϑvV
iota ιiΙI
kappa κkΚK
lambda λlΛL
mu μmΜM
nu νnΝN
xi ξxΞX
omicron οoΟO
pi πpΠP
rho ρrΡR
sigma σsΣS
tau τtΤT
upsilon υuΥU
phi φfΦF
chi χcΧC
psi ψyΨY
omega ωwΩW
phi-diam øjØJ