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Writing code

Enter the code into the "Code" input window. Spacing and indent are maintained automatically. You can use the computer keyboard or the "Numeric Keypad" below. You can copy text from and to the input window or any external program (e.g. Word). There is a toolbar above the input window with some useful editing commands: Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo and Insert Image.

The source code is logically divided into lines, which are numbered automatically. Each expression should be on a separate line. By exception, it is possible to have several expressions on the same line, but they must be separated by comments. When you finish the line, press "Enter" to start a new line. Syntax highlighting is performed automatically. Different code elements are displayed with different colors depending on their type. For example, comments are colored in green and errors are colored in red. All comments must be enclosed in quotes. They can include both plain text and Html. You can use Html to add pictures, tables and format the report.