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Modules (include)

Calcpad allows you to include contents from external files in your worksheet. If you have pieces of code that is repeated in different worksheets, you can organize it in modules and reuse it multiple times. Also, if you have a longer worksheet, you can split it into modules that will be easier to maintain. Then, you can include them into the main file by using the following statement:

  #include filename

The "filename" must contain the full path to a local file. If the file is the same folder as the current one, you can specify only the filename.

By default, Calcpad will include the whole contents of the external module. However, you can prevent some parts from inclusion, by making them local. To start a "local" section in a module, add a new line, containing the #local keyword. To end a "local" section (or start a "global" one), add a new line with the #global keyword. Calcpad supports multiple levels of inclusions. That means that the included file, in its turn, can reference other files and so on.