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You can run the solution by pressing F5 or clicking the Play button. The results will appear in the "Output" box. You cannot edit the output content, but you can select, copy and print it. For that purpose, you can use the toolbar over the "Output" box on the right. You can also use additional commands from the context menu, that is displayed If you right-click inside the "Output" box, you will see a pop-up menu with additional commands. Detailed description is provided further in this manual.

Since version 6.5.3, you can use the "☑ AutoRun" mode. While it is checked, the results will refresh each time you change the code and move to another line. If you need to synchronize the results manually, you can press "Ctrl + Enter". Additionally, the output window will scroll to match the current position in the source code. You can do the same by double clicking into the input window.