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Calcpad does not simply calculate formulas. It also builds a professional looking report out of your source code. It uses Html to format the output. It is widely recognized and allows you to publish your calculations in the web. You can select between two different styles for equation formatting: "professional" and "inline". The professional style uses division bar, large and small brackets, radical, etc. Numerator and denominator are displayed one above the other. The inline style uses slash for displaying division and all symbols are arranged into a single line. The following formatting rules are applied:

  • Intervals are maintained automatically.
  • Variables are formatted as italic.
  • Multiplication operator "*" is replaced with "∙".
  • Exponentiation operator "^" is formatted as superscript.
  • Underscore "_" is formatted as subscript.
  • Square root function is replaced with radical "  ".

Several examples of formatting in different cases are provided in the table bellow:

Text Html
x    +    3 x + 3
x-3 x – 3
3*x 3∙x
(x + 1)/3 (x + 1)/3
x+3 * y x + 3∙y
sqr(x+3) x + 3
x_1^3 x13
sin(x) sin(x)

Html formatting makes the report easier to read and check than the respective plain text. You can also insert additional Html code inside the comments that will affect the final appearance. In this way, you can use Calcpad code to build professional Web applications. You will also need the cloud version of Calcpad for that purpose.