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About Calcpad

Calcpad is free software for mathematical and engineering calculations. It represents a flexible and modern programmable mathematical platform + Html report generator. It is simple and easy to use, but includes a lot of advanced features:

  • real and complex numbers;
  • units of measurement (SI, Imperial and USCS);
  • custom variables and units;
  • built-in library with common math functions;
  • custom functions of multiple parameters f(x; y; z; ...);
  • powerful numerical methods for root and extremum finding, numerical integration and differentiation;
  • finite sums, products and iteration procedures;
  • program flow control with conditions and loops;
  • "titles" and 'text' comments in quotes;
  • support for Html and CSS in comments for rich formatting;
  • function plotting, images, tables, parametric SVG drawings, etc.;
  • automatic generation of Html forms for data input;
  • professional looking Html reports for viewing printing;
  • export to Word (*.docx) and PDF documents;
  • variable substitution and smart rounding of numbers;
  • output visibility control and content folding;
  • support for plain text (*.txt, *.cpd) and binary (*.cpdz) file formats.

This software is developed using the C# programming language and latest computer technologies. It automatically parses the input, substitutes the variables, calculates the expressions and displays the output. All results are sent to a professional looking Html report for viewing and printing.