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Export to Word

You can open the results directly with MS Word by clicking Word. It must be installed on the computer, but it is not necessary to be preliminary opened. This approach is easier than copy-paste and provides some additional benefits. If the output is obtained with the professional equation formatting option, Calcpad will use the "*.docx" file format for the export. This is the native format for the latest versions of MS Word and will open automatically. If you have Open Office or Libre office, the respective program will be used instead. If you do not have any text editor currently installed, the file will be saved to the disk, but not opened. You can go to the respective folder later and open it manually. Formulas are exported as MathType objects and can be modified inside Word. However, it is possible to loose part of the Html formatting. Images, tables and most common tags are supported. If you have selected inline equation formatting, Calcpad will use an Html file for the export. It will preserve most of the formatting, but formulas will be part of the document text.